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La Costa and Majorca

Melbourne Beach and Indialantic
Waterfront Properties

With over 18 miles of oceanfront and many more miles of riverfront and canalfront, you can be assured that waterfront properties are in abundance here!  Use the links below to learn more about condos and homes available in Melbourne Beach and the adjacent community of Indialantic.

Oceanfront Homes & Condos

Melbourne Beach Oceanfront

Riverfront and Canalfront Homes & Condos

Click the links below:


Melbourne Beach Riverfront & Canalfront Homes


Indialantic Riverfront & Canalfront Homes

Melbourne Beach Riverfront Condos

Indialantic Riverfront Condos (not applicable)

Melbourne Beach Riverfront Homes

Melbourne Beach and Indialantic Waterfront Lots

Melbourne Beach Sunrise

Click the links below:


Oceanfront Lots


Riverfront and Canalfront Lots

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